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What I love: temple university, red velvet munchkins, fuzzy socks, sitting on my balcony at 2:50 am, neck kisses, walking down broad street alone, scalding hot showers, morning voices, morning coffee, mornings, big noses, weed, writing letters that no one will ever read, chocolate chip bagels, filling up empty spaces in my heart with people, remember the titans, soft hands, traveling, music, waking up with messy hair in the arms of someone you love, liquid eyeliner, listening to sad music, my brother, chipotle, hearing someone tell you that they're lucky to know you, dark brown eyes, hearing about new music, moving on, scarves, holding hands, ice skating, diving through waves in the ocean, meeting new friends, meeting old friends, blue nail polish, being 19, disposable cameras, hair pulling, memory boxes, concert mosh pits, new beginnings, smelling good, venting to someone who will never judge you, kissing, looking at the stars, ticket stubs, warm blankets, cold sheets, cute couples, orchestras, washing my face, sleeping, hot chocolate, the ease of someones arm fitting perfectly around your waist, old churches, strawberry cream cheese
  1. the best screaming goat video you will ever lay eyes on

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